Our History

Here's a little bit of history--David started his service station in January of 1992.  His mission was simple--to allow customers to be dealt with honestly and fairly.  To provide a quality  repair station where people could feel good about going, knowing they would be treated with respect.  After many years in the industry, working for other repair stations, he noticed a severe shortage of honest technicians!  Being that the salary of most service techs is set on commission, he realized that most technicians were then incented to sell you as much as they possibly could--it affected THEIR bottom line!  After some time, Dave realized that he could not conduct business that way in all good conscience.  He had received an education in automotive technology, not "smooth salesmanship".  

He was determined to prove that you could make an honest living selling customers ONLY the services they really needed.  He felt sure that if he could establish a loyal customer base, he would be able to survive on quantity, not having to make the whole day's wage from a single job.  So, he set out to find a suitable location, that would be convenient to find for his existing customer base (he had many customers that mentioned to him that they would come with him if he ever opened his own garage!), and would attract new business.

After much searching, he settled down in the cozy town of Elizabeth.  As a Jefferson borough "native", it was close to his roots, and being right off of route 51 south a few miles past Century III mall, he felt sure his present customers would find him. After hearing from all that he currently worked with that he would never make it in business being honest, he set out to prove them wrong.  After a slow beginning waiting for word to spread, his ideals began to pay off.  Word DID travel that there was a honest mechanic to be found--it wasn't an extinct breed!  When someone would ask how they could possibly thank him for such good, honest service, he would simply say, "tell a friend,"  and talk they did!  6 years later, Dave has 2 additional full-time technicians, an office manager and a thriving, healthy business.IIf Dave's values and method of operation sound appealing to you, stop in to see what all the talk is about!